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Nutrexpa was a Spanish company in the food sector. Its most popular products include Cola Cao, Nocilla, San Francisco Farm honey, Paladín chocolate, Okey smoothies, Phoskitos and La Piara pâtés. The company was founded in 1940 in the Barcelona district of Gràcia and marketed its products in Spain, Portugal, Chile and China. It went extinct in 2015, separating into Adam Foods and Idilia Foods.

"Poor, old fashioned and efficiency based firm" says a Nutrexpa former employee on Glassdoor on August 23, 2010:

"Poor, old fashioned and efficiency based firm

There is not an established career path, neither a transparent promotion system. Really really conservative in financial terms. Focused on incremental innovation, lacking innovation spirit, and new concepts introduced. Poor communication from management, at all levels. Alpha male, female behavior accepted and evaluated. Too much EGO even for a Spanish firm. Hard and long working hours expected. Sweatshop. No compromise between professional and personal lives. All in the name of the brand ."


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Engineering Department says

"There is not a established career path,neither a transparent promotion system . Really really conservative in financial terms. Focused on incremental innovation , lacking innovation spirit and new concepts introduction. Poor comunication from management, at all levels . Alpha male , female behavior accepted and valuated. Too much EGO even for a spanish firm. Hard and long working hours expected .Sweat shop . No compromise between profesional and personal lives. All in the name of the brand ."

oficial de 1º de envasado (Former Employee) says

"Trabajo en cadena de 8 horas y sólo parando 15 minutos para comer.Cogiendo muchísimo peso y poco valoradas por los encargados.Lo único que me gustó del trabajo era los compañero/as.y, que tenía contrato fijo por lo cual aguanté casi 22 años.trabajo de lunes a viernes, puentes y fiestas había descanso nada más que 15 minutos y el peso."

AYUDANTE ENVASADO (Former Employee) says

"LA empresa muy bien poca tranquilidad porque en una fabrica no se puede parar continuamente con turnos rotativos mañana y tarde,pero con salidas de bocadillo y baño.empresa muy grande con muchas posibilidades de trabajocansado toda la jornad de pie y a veces maquinas muy deprisa"

Auxiliar administrativo (Former Employee) says

"Es un lugar bueno para trabajar, donde cerraba ordenes de trabajo, y atendía los repartidores-comercialesbuen horariosolo para vacaciones"

Operario de producción (Former Employee) says

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